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Monday, February 25, 2008

Navagraha keerthanais

I have posted Navagraha keerthanis. My wife appeals to everybody to down load and play these songs every day according to the Graham connected with the day. It is believed that these songs and Navavarana keerthanais ( They are already in this blog under the label "Sri Kamalambaa navavaranam") are very auspicious and will give lot of prosperities to everybody who hear that, in case they are not able to do poojas etc. Why don't you give a trial (whether you believe it or not)?. As far as Raaghu and Kethu are concerned hear them on the day of the week, where these planets are conjoined with another planet as per your birth chart.(!)

These songs are rendered by Thiruchur Ramachandran

  1. Surya - Sourashtram - (Sunday)
  2. Chandram - Asaaveri (Monday)
  3. Angaarakam - Surutti (Tuesday)
  4. Budhamashrayami - Naattaikurinji (Wednesday)
  5. Sri brahaspathe - Ataana (Thursday)
  6. Sri Sukra - Paras (Friday)
  7. Diwakara - Yadukula kambodhi (Saturday)
  8. Smaraamyaham - Ramapriya(for Raaghu)
  9. Mahasuram - Shanmugapriya ( for Kethu)
  10. Navagraha sthothram

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