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Thursday, February 28, 2008

T. N. Seshagopalan

Since many complained to me that they are finding it difficult to download through rapidshare, I have posted this through a new software. You simply click the link below, you will be able to hear the song. If you want you can download it through iTunes. If you do not have iTunes please download iTunes set up. I will be glad if you give me your feed back about your experience and also let me know which one is convenient.

  1. Yeppadiththaan - Nilambari
  2. Nee seidha dhavam
  3. Aparaadhamula - Lathaangi
  4. Baala gopaala - Bhairavi
  5. Ivanaaro - Kambhoji
  6. Bega baaro - Maand
  7. Lalithalavanga ( ashtapathi) - Lalitha
  8. Gopi gopala Lala - Gamanasmarana
  9. Yengal kannamma - Ragamalika


Anonymous said...

Dear Sri.Hariharan,

I am not able to download from

I am able to listen , that is all.

I have iTunes, but still it does not download, as it goes to tthe itunes store and India is not there in the list.

I want three TNS songs from that list, Bala Gopala, Gopi Gopala, Aparaadha Mula

They are excellent recordings and i would like to get them. Can u please help?

At least get the rapidshare version.


hvaidya said...

I will post them under mediafire or rapidshare. Since you have not given your e mail id I am not able to send these songs personally. Please send me a mail with your id. I will send them personally to you

Anonymous said...

Sir ....I'm Anil From Kerala...
Could u pls post all the available songs of TNS...? If so fans of TNS will be happier..
Thank U...

Badari Prasad said...

Dear sir,
Please share this link

Badari Prasad

S R BALAJI said...

dear sir am veeravalli s r of tns sir..plz send the bala gopala,bega baaro,ashtapathi gopi gopala lala and yengal kannamma
my mail id