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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Your feed back

Those who heard the songs, posted latest by me through "straight Click and hear the song" method, please write to me, whether you are able to hear the songs without any break and full. Whether this is more convenient or you prefer rapidshare. The feed back will help me to change if necessary and make it more convenient to you.


ns said...

Hello, thank you for sharing the wonderful music. I enjoy it either way (downloading or listening online). I live very far from Tamil Nadu and greatly miss Carnatic music, which is completely unavailable in my homecountry (hopefully I'll be able to come to Chennai for the next season). There's one question that's on my mind lately: Is there any way to get the music in a higher bitrate and better quality? Jazz and Western Classical music are usually shared in FLAC format. surely, Carnatic music deserves the same treatment.
Thank you,

Viknesh waren said...

hai sir!

I'am Vikneshwaren.I prefer rapidshare,because i can't able to hear the song full and there is a break between the songs .so i request you to upload your songs in rapidshare.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sri.Hariharan,

Thx for the service renderred and kudos to you for maintaining an excellently organised site.

Click and listen works, but what do we do if want to download a song we like?

Spl thx for the TNS collection. They really are a cherished possessionof the living legend.

hvaidya said...

I understand you have mentioned the songs you hear from imeem. As you hear the song, you willfind on the right side of the song details a small window as "download" will be there. You can click and download the songs you want. If you find it difficult, please see this song in different label and they may be available either in or from where you can easily download. If you have problem, please send me a mail to enable me to rectify the defect if any. Thanks for your feed back.

RVR said...

Hi, First two songs got downloaded and I could hear and enjoy nicely. Later Rapidshare is asking for payment for download? Is it normal?
However I enjoyed Maharajapurm Santhanam and thank you Sir, for the same.

Sivapriya said...

Dear Mr.hariharan,

Incredible work and magnanimous heart to share your wealth of music with all of us. I have for one benefitted immensely esp with the innumerable songs of TNS and others.

Rapid share is better and we will wait for you to revive all those expired ones.

Also the ethula brothuvo of TNS has Brocheva in it and not ethulabrothuvo.



seetharaman said...

I read your comment about people leaving the auditorium during the "thank avartanam". I think their view point is that they have come to hear the main singer , not the 'thani'. I think the "thani avartanam" can be dispensed with.