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Thursday, June 5, 2008



They say, it is one year since, you passed away, and you are no more. Is that so? Can there be a mother no more at any time in part of a person’s life? Is that not your blood in my body? Just because, the time passes, can the blood also be changed? If not, you are in my blood. Then, how can you be not there as long as I live? If I test my genes, your genes will be there. Just because, you are not physically present in the shape you had all these years, can I say you are no more? I do not think it is justified statement in any form.

You gave all your energies to conceive me, bred me by taking certain things of not your likings, because, they are good for me and avoided certain things of your liking, because, they may not be good for me. You brought me out to the earth, with pain and blood, but, you never expressed that even once in your life. People claim that I have done this for you and that for you, but you never even murmured that, not only to anybody but even to yourself. You groomed me with milk from your body without even thinking that some thing from your body is being sucked by me. People may call me a sucker, even in a slightest pretext, but you never uttered even though I really sucked your blood. As long as even a .000000000000000001 percent of this milk is in my body, how can you be no more?

When ever I wake up, I remember my first opening of my eyes and the first face I have seen in my life. I read somewhere: I believe in love at first sight, because, if at all I loved somebody from my first sight, it is my mother. As long as I love a person, how can that person be no more?

Is that possible to say, that, you are no more, after living with you for sixty five years? If I say that, is that not most thankless? There are few months, and days I was separated from you, because of some of my activities in life and some of your commitments in your life. Did any body dare say then, that you were not with me? They only said that you are at so and so place and I was at so and so place. They never dare say that you are not with me. Then how is that they dare say this now?

They only see and think of your physical body, which was roaming around them. They could not understand your love, which has no death.

It is your love that shaped my life. It is your love that gave me education. It is your love that made me intelligent. It is your love that made me a man. It is your love that made me to love my wife. It is your love that made me to love my son. How do they say that you are not there? You not only taught me to love, but also taught me, to make people understand that I love them

Morning to night, in my every action, there is a contribution from you and yet they say you are no more.

As long as I love everybody on the earth, are you not there? You taught me to love every body, by yourself being a living example. They think that, because you are not their in flesh and blood, you are no more. They are fools. They cannot understand that you never lived in flesh and blood but you have always lived as an embodiment of love and that has no death at all.

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