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Friday, August 8, 2008

Raadha Kalyanam

Swami Haridoss's Radha kalyanam is posted here. They are posted under imeem. Hence there is no need to download, and they can be heard straight away by clicking. Please let me know if you face any difficulty in hearing them continuously ( it is depending upon your band width), I will post them under mediafire so that you can download and enjoy.

This is a programme which runs for three hours, so I split them into 15 portions. Please give me your feed back to enable me to improve any further.

  1. Raadha kalyaanam - 01
  2. Raadha kalyaanam - 02
  3. Raadha kalyaanam - 03
  4. Raadha kalyaanam - 04
  5. Raadha kalyaanam - 05
  6. Raadha kalyaanam - 06
  7. Raadha kalyaanam - 07
  8. Raadha kalyaanam - 08
  9. Raadha kalyaanam - 09
  10. Raadha kalyaanam - 10
  11. Raadha kalyaanam - 11
  12. Raadha kalyaanam - 12
  13. Raadha kalyaanam - 13
  14. Raadha kalyaanam - 14
  15. Raadha kalyaanam - 15


r.k.sundararajan said...

hi my dear Hariharan , i wish you to have good health to continue this divine service. really very nice blog by you my dear to rejuvenate the divine feelings in Hindus.keep it up.
request you send this radha kalyanam in my email id visit my blogs.This is my humble request.,,,,

jaya said...

v gOOD WORK if u send it as downloadable it will b a greatwork we can hear whenever we like

Anonymous said...

whnevr i click the link,radhakalyanam by haridas giri it goes to myspace music and i am unable to proceed further to listen or download

Hemalatha said...

When will you be posting the downloadable link?

Thanks and Regards

Tech Ranter said...


Links have expired... Please post fresh links... Awaiting eagerly...
Thanks and regards
Bala Subramanian