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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swami Haridoss bhajans

I have posted here Swami Haridoss bhajans. They can be straight away heard by clicking, since they are posted under "imeem" Please look on this label, since I will be adding his Radha Kalyana Mahotsavam and Dholotsavam etc in due course.

Mangala naadha
Naaraayana jai jai
Vandhe mohana
Mere tho giridharu
Raadhe krishna
Laksha mori
Gunguru bhandhan
Oh brindhavaname
Odi vaa vaa kannaa
Thirupathi Vankataramana
jaanaki ramanaa kalyaana guna
Thoonilum iruppaar
Bhaj manu raama charanu
Naaraayanam bhaje
Raamachandra raghuveera
Raama charana suga
Bhajora bhayya Raama
Bhaj manu Raamacharanu
Hey Raam rasanu
Sri Raamachandrqa ki
jay jay Harathi


Bhajans said...

Great collection of Swami Haridas bhajans, for more bhajans please go to

Praveen said...

This site is amazing. I think you are doing an excellent service to the NRI community who are craving for this stuff on the Net.

If you are not already aware (I doubt if you are not), there are lots of CDs of Udayalur Kalyanaraman. Please try to post them like swami Haridoss bhajans.


Gowri said...

Dear Sir,
super collections. Can you also give the lyrics so that we can sing alongwith the gutuji's voice. Really super collection. Or atleast can you post the lyrics of Oho Brindavaname Kuncha Bhavaname songs lyrics.?
With regars

hvaidya said...

Please give me your e mail id. I will send you the lyrics, personally to your e mail

r.k.sundararajan. said...

hi my dear h vaidya, you have done a master piece of work in this blog.
i look for a help.that is please send me the lyrics navagraha keerthanam s to my mail id

r.k.sundararajan. said...

please send me the lyrics of navagraha keerthanais.please my mail id

hvaidya said...

The lyrics are available in "guruguha vaibhavam". Your e mail id is not accepting my mail

karthick said...

i could find the lyrics of oho brindavanme Kuncha Bhavaname could u please post it to

karthick said...

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karthick said...

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hvaidya said...

I do not have the lyrics of the bhajans. They may be available in internet.

R.V. Rao said...

i am unable to open radha kalyanam. on every attempt page displays 'my space' . please advice me how to access radha kalyanam. thanks

Aparna said...

Namaskarams Sir

Can you post the song "Baro Murare" by Swami Haridoss?