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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sri Ramasundaram's video uploads

Mr. Ramasundaram is the pioneer of uploading nice videos in M/s Sangeethapriya site. At his old age, the pains he has taken to share these songs is outstanding and he was inspiration to many. Rightly he is being awarded rasikapriya award for the year 2008. I would have been personally very happy, had he been honoured exclusively for the services he has rendered. Since, many were complaining that they are not able to trace/download from the site and so I thought Iwill include them in my blog
For a song on Ashtalakshmi please click this LINK

Aruna Sairam Margazhi mahotsavam. Click this LINK


shyamala said...

Sri Ramasundaram appears to be 61 years (profile at his site). This is in NO way "old age" as referred to. With better health, access to amenities and conscious life-styles people today are very active and vibrant well into their eighties. Advanced years do not necessarily translate into "old age" if people keep fit and able. The term is negative and not encouraging.

hvaidya said...

I was one of the organiser of the award function to Sri Ramasundaram and so I know him personally. A man who was uploading every day some music or other (audios and videos) had to stop his work because of the age. My respect for Mr. Ramasundaram was very much exhibitive from the words "I would have been personally very happy,had he been honoured......" and Ms. Shyamala, I am 67 years old and I am not a fool to call a person of 61 years old as "Old". Please also look for some of my postings about aged people, and you will change your opinion that I am a negative person.