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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Concert No 9 - Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna

This rare concert was held on 12.1.08. You are aware Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna does not give concerts now a days and so this was a rare opportunity to Chennai rasikas. He was accompanied by Mysore Nagaraj, Lakshminarayana Raju and Vaikom Gopalakrishnan. This has been edited for convenience of download and the disturbances are removed as much as possible. However, you may come across, certain talks in between which will force you to join my campaign of discipline while attending concerts.

  1. Gum ganapathe
  2. Meru samaana
  3. Naa jaane tava
  4. Harihara raamaa - 1
  5. Harihara raamaa - 2
  6. Harihara raamaa - 3
  7. Sogasu nee
  8. Sadhaasiva - 1
  9. Sadhaasiva - 2
  10. Sadhaasiva - 3
  11. Sadhaasiva - 4
  12. Sujana jeevanaa
  13. Komma thana muthyala
  14. Thillaanaa
  15. Mangalam( Do not miss this mangalam. see how the audience join to this)


RAjualr said...

Sir, thank you very much for this post. A connoisseur like me would appreciate concert details (pakka melam, ragam, talam etc). Many occasions, we fail to understand the raga and appreciate the krithi. For me this is a collector's item and I dont want to miss any fine detail. :)

hvaidya said...

There are many sites in the internet is available to find out the right details of raagam. thaalam and composer, since I do not want to post something which I am not sure of.( Particularly Yesudoss and Balamuralikrishna)

However I will try to add raaga and composer in future and also in the current ones whenever I find time