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Friday, November 21, 2008

The songs posted by me earlier

Hi everybody,

When I was posting the songs originally, they were uploaded under "rapidshare". I found many visitors complained about the difficulties they faced in downloading. Rapidshare was also removing the songs after 90 days from its last downloading. That is why many songs of M. S. Subbalakshmi, M.L.V, Dr. Balamuralikrishna, Yesudoss etc were not available for download

I am converting them to mediafire now and you will find lot of songs are now restored. Please go to the old labels and find that they are now downloadable. Please be on the look out for other songs also to be updated.

Thanks a million for your support and encouragement. Please post your comments if there are any mistakes. Even your brickbats are treated as boquets.

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Anonymous said...

Great work friend

Anonymous said...

sir what is ur personal email?

kesava said...

I have read with great interest about the Thirupathi temple and its rocks nearby- invariably described as Ezhumalai. What is the origin of the term Ezhumalai or Seven Hills?

Muruga is always on the top of the hills and Vishnu is never found in any hill temple. Shiva is there both on hills and plains -e.g. Badrinath and Madurai.

There were seven Murugan temples all over Tamilnadu and later it reduced to Six or Aarupadai. Why?

It appears that Thirupathi was originally a Murugan Temple and Vaishnavites led by Ramanujacharya came and occupied the temple and with a big "Naamam" covered the "Vibhooti" to convert Murugan idol to that of Mahavishnu.

Murugan temples have the tradition of guarded by the Shepherds at night and it is the hereditary right of the family to open the locks in the morning for Nirmalya pooja at 3AM. I am told even today Tirupathi has a shepherd sleeping in the open near the entrance and opens the locks every morning. Does this continue still?

There is scope for ample research to decipher the writings all around the Tirupathi temple on the rock-carved walls to realise more details.

I am a 76+ year old retired Technical advisor to Govt.