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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Concert No 10 - K.J. Yesudoss - 1st Jan 2008

This is a concert given by Dr. K. J Yesudoss on 1st Jan 2008 at Chennai. I do not remember the accompanying artists.

Dear friends, please give me your feed back if there are any defects in Volume of the sound, disturbances of cracking noices etc and any mistakes in posting also may be notified to me to rectify and improve further.

  1. Varnam - Valachi
  2. Vaa Ganapathiye
  3. Enna punniyam
  4. Vara naaradha
  5. Angaarakam
  6. Enta vedukondu
  7. O Jagadhambaa
  8. Theliyaleru raamaa
  9. Santhaana raama
  10. Raghuvaraa nannu - 1 (aalaapanaa)
  11. Raghuvaraa nannu - 2
  12. Thani - 1
  13. Thani - 2
  14. Thani - 3
  15. En nenjil paalikondavan
  16. Engey kannanai
  17. Engirundhu varugudhuvo
  18. Pambai mannavan
  19. Raadhaiyin
  20. Raajeeva nethraaya
  21. Ayyappaa nindran
  22. Uyyaala
  23. Ambalame
  24. Enna varam
  25. Harivaraasanam
  26. Yogeendraanaam


Ramesh said...

Extraordinary collection, thanks so much :)

Sri said...

Recording was fine Sir,, and May GOD Bless You for this songs posted and made it downloadable.

Swami Saranam

r b subramanian said...

Dear Hariharan,

I am able to download only the following songs from the concert.
3,6,15,19,20,22,23,24,25,26. Can you enable the other songs also downloadable.