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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Concert No 13 - T.N. Seshagopalan - Oct 08

This concert is the beginning of Music Season 2008, and he is still presenting some out standing performances during this Season.

Please enjoy this one of the special programmes.

This is a contribution from a friend of mine who likes to remain anonymous.

  1. Sarasiruhaasanaa - Naatttai
  2. Sri varalakshmi
  3. Paahi Jagatjanani - Hamsanandhi
  4. Brovavamma - Manji
  5. Santhana - Manjari
  6. Dhevi paradhevi - Kaambodhi ( aalaapana)
  7. Dhevi paradhevi - Kaambodhi
  8. Viruththam


Varadarajan.R said...

Though the clarity of this recording is pretty decent, constantly people speaking is very irritating, no offence, appreciate the work, but it spoils the fun.

sundararaman said...

Dear Sir item No.6 not available for download.
with regards k.sundararaman