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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dead links

I am regularly getting mails and comments about the links which are dead, due to their posting under " Rapidshare". I am updating all of them through "mediafire", since, I am having a premium account with them. Still some more are to be done, and I am in the process of doing it, whenever I get time. Please, bear with me for some time and also be on the look out for these posting afresh.


rk said...

What can I say...I want to meet you this December when I am in Chennai.

This is simply superb.. MLV through you.. helping me get back to meditation on divine qualities... which easily transcends the mundane issues I have to struggle with on a daily basis-- being very much a
Agnyani that I am....

Your service is appreciated here....
You bring me back to reality with all your postings... the music is simply divine.... Thanks a million..


(need a phone contact and your e-mail... hope to get it some time)

Kiron nandakumar said...

Hello Sir,

This is a superb work by you. The joy of knowledge is in sharing. i too believe in that. Nice to see many rare collections which is even impossible to get thru music shops. Thanks again for sharing all these gems.

Kiron Nandakumar.