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Saturday, February 14, 2009

T. N. Seshagopalan

Since many files of Shri. T. N. Seshagopalan, which were in rapidshare has expired, and there is lot of request from many readers of this blog to post them under mediafire, I am posting them now accordingly. Since I have more than 300 of his songs, I will be posting them as and when I find time to do this job. Please bear with me and for your convenience and to avoid the confusion in downloading,(as well as uploading) I am posting them in alphabetical order. Please enjoy and give me your feedback.

  1. Aadaadhu asangaadhu - Madhyamaavathi
  2. Aaajao giridhar - Sindhubairavi
  3. Aarabhimaanam - Raagamalika
  4. Aazhimazhai - Varaali
  5. Abbabba raamnaamamu - Dhanyaasi
  6. Abhimaanamen - Begada
  7. Akhilaandeswari - Dwajaawanthi
  8. Alai paayudhe - Kaanadaa
  9. Alli vizhiyaalum - Maand
  10. Ambaa alangaarini - Begadaa
  11. Ambaa mohini - Raagamaalika
  12. Ambaa neelaaya - Neelaambari
  13. Amma raavammaa - Kalyaani
  14. Anbaaga ennaiyum - Bindumaalini
  15. Annalum nokkinaan - Hamirkalyaani
  16. Antharanga bhakthi - Shadvidamargini
  17. Aparaadhamulanni - Lathangi
  18. Apparaama - Panthuvarali
  19. Ardhanaareeshwaram - Kumudakriya
  20. Baagaayanayya - Chandrajothi
  21. Baalagopaala - Bhairavi
  22. Bantureethi - Hamsanaadham *
  23. Bantureethi - Hamsanaadham
  24. Bega baaro
  25. Bhajana seyya - Ataanaa
  26. Bhajana seyyave - Kalyaani
  27. Brochevaa - Kamaas
  28. Chandana - Basanth
  29. Charanamule - Kaapi
  30. Chiththam irangaadhaa - Sahaanaa
  31. Chodu dhiyaa - Bhajan
  32. Dhayaju chooda - Gaanavardhini
  33. Dhehimudham - Hamsaanandhi
  34. Dheva dheva - Maayamaalavagowlai
  35. Dhurmaarga charaa - Ranjani
  36. Edhutha nilachithe - Sankarabaranam
  37. Emmamma vinave - Surutti
  38. Endharo mahanubhaavulu - Sri
  39. Endhuku dhayaraadhuraa - Thodi
  40. Endhuku - Sankarabaranam
  41. Engal kannamma - Raagamaalika
  42. Ennaadu nee - Vaachaspathi
  43. Ennaadu nee - Vaacahaspathi
  44. Entha muddo - Bindhumaalini
  45. Ethulo brothvu - Chakravaagam
  46. Ethi janma - Varaali
  47. Evarani - Nadachinthamani
  48. Evarikai - Dhevamanohari
  49. Gaanamurthe - Gaanamurthi
  50. Ganapathe - Janaraqnjani
  51. Geetharathamu - Surutti
  52. Giriraaja sudha - Bangla
  53. Gopi gopaala
  54. Govardhana gireesham - Hindolam
  55. Govardhana giridhara - Hindholam
  56. Hanumanthe - Sivaranjani
  57. Hari bolo - Desh
  58. Hariguna - Sindhubairavi
  59. Hechariga - Yadhukulkaambodhi
  60. Ikane - Guharanjani
  61. Ivanaaro - Kambodhi
  62. Jaya choo - Ganavardhini
  63. Jayamundu bayamillai - Kamaas
  64. Kaadhanavariki - Thodi
  65. Kaaneere - Kamaas
  66. Kaadhiruvenu - Ranjani
  67. Kalyaana raamaa - Hamsanaadham
  68. Kamala malarinai - Hamsadhwani
  69. Kamalaambaa - Kalyaani
  70. Kamalaambaam - Aanandhabairavi
  71. Kannaa vaa - Raagamalika
  72. Kannai thirandhu paar - Bilahari
  73. Kanna thandriki - Kunthalavaraali
  74. Kanukontinee - Bilahari
  75. Kolam kaana vaareer - Naattaikurinchi
  76. Koluvai - Bhairavi
  77. Ksheera saagara - Dhevagaandhari
  78. Kshemam guru - Mohanam
  79. Kulavirudhu - Dhevamanohari
  80. Lalitha lavanga - Vasantha
  81. Lalithesri - Bhairavi
  82. Maadha ennum - Sriranjani
  83. Maadhava maamava - Neelamani
  84. Maamava sadhaa - 1 - Kaanada
  85. Maamava sadha - 2 - Kaanada
  86. Maanamu kaavalenu - Sahaana
  87. Maanamu letha - Hamirkalyaani
  88. Maaththaada - Dhevagaandhaari
  89. Maadhe malayathvaje - Kamaas
  90. Maayamma - Aahiri
  91. Mahaa ganapathim - Naattai
  92. Mahaalakshmi - Sankarabaranam
  93. Manasuloni - Varamu
  94. Manavirije - Sarasaangi
  95. Mangala slokam - Madhyamavathi
  96. Marivere - Aanandhabairavi
  97. Marukelaraa - Jayanthishri
  98. Meenaakshi memudham - Poorvikalyaani
  99. Meru samaana - Mayamaalavagowlai
  100. Moovaasai konda - Karaharapriya
  101. Mudhdhumomu - Suryakantham
  102. Mudhdhu krishna - Senchurutti


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I noticed that the following are not pointing to the right URLs in TNS section you have just published:

Item 17 is the same as 13; 18 is the same as 14; 19 is the same as 15 and item 28 is the same as 24.

Please do the needful...

I enjoy most of your postings...

In fact,the Bhairavi also has some repeats; I did not check them closely.

Thank you!

With Regards,

hvaidya said...

Thank you Mr. Raghu,

I have corrected the mistakes pointed by you. Please keep me informed with such irregularities, so that I can set things right. I will also look in Bhairavi for similar mistakes.

Raghu said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for correcting those links.

I just happened to visit your site and noticed the following. I do NOT mean to point out problems; but, I thought this simple check from visitors like me could make this more perfect and enjoyable! So, please do NOT mistake me.

Now,the problems:

38 points to 33, 54 points to 53, 57 points to 55, 67 points to 62 and 82 points to 76...

Please do the needful at your convenience.

Thank you very much and I am enjoying your uploads blissfully.

With Regards,

S. Krishnan said...


I really enjoy reading your site. There are so many nice little thoughts, thought provoking write ups and articles.

Most of all I admire your spirit of sharing . Music is something that you ae willing to share, which most people will be cagey about.

Especially your TNS collections, are great and the qualtiy is v.good. Thanks for sharing the legends, works with us, as many students and rasikas can a learn a lot from these apart from the sheer pleasur of listening.

As Raghu, post points out, if u could do something baout the mistakes ,it would be great. Espe. Gopi Gopala ,is my favourite, and TNS has sung is wonderfully. Item 54. Goes to item 53. please check these and we shall be eternally grateful to you for all these.



hvaidya said...

Dear friends,

I have corrected the mistakes pointed out. Thanks a million for pointing out the mistakes, since you feel as much as me for perfection of these posting.

Please keep correcting me if any more mistakes are found. Please also inform as many friends and relatives of yours to share this divine music

Raghu said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for these corrections except that 54 is now pointing to 38 (earlier to 53);

Indeed,I have encouraged some of my friends to visit your site and get this divine music shared.

Thank you for this beautiful Kainkaryam!

With Regards,

hvaidya said...

Thanks a lot once again Mr. Raghu. I have corrected this also I do not know how these mistakes happen. I will try to find out from mediafire, whether this is my mistake or their mistake.

Thanks once again for your keen follow up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I find your blog postings very interesting.

Regarding the TNS Colletion,item 16,17-Antharagabhakthi are the same recordings.Item 17 is mixed with ENDUKKU PEDALA.

Kind regards

hvaidya said...

Thanks for your kind words Mr. Dharmarajan. I have deliberately posted Antharanga bhakthi twice to show how a song can be sung in different formats. I did not understand your point about Endhuku peddala. What do you mean by mixing? Is endukku peddala also coming with that?

I will correct after hearing from you

S.Krishnan said...

Andharanga Bhakti finishes and an extensive Endhuku peddhala starts in the same clip.

hvaidya said...

Thanks Mr. Krishnan, I have removed the second "Andharanga Bhakthi" from the list since "Endhuku" is available separately. I am thrilled at the enthusiasm shown by readers of my blog, to make it error proof.
It makes me more responsible. I will try to improve myself to your expectation.

Lakshman said...

In item # 14 (anbAga) the caraNam is missing.

Sivapriya said...

Dear Mr.Hariharan.

In the list of first TNS songs,item number 45 "etulabrothuvo" comes as "bbrocheva" Khamas as i try to download the same.

Would you have his rendition of EtulaBrothuvo? and would be able to add to the list ?

Sivapriya Krishnan

hvaidya said...

I have corrected. Please confirm, after downloading, whether the correct rendition is coming. Thank you

Sivapriya said...

Dear Mr.H V,

the ethulabrothuvo song cannot be downloaded, as the page itself now is not opening . so much for technology exasperration!!!