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Friday, March 20, 2009

Some interesting facts about my blog

I started my blog, like many other bloggers, to express my thoughts and feelings in the internet. Incidentally, I posted some of my collections in Carnatic music, since, I always wanted to share whatever was in my possession. Surprisingly, there was very good response to these songs uploading and lot of readers started demanding more and more of songs. Thus, it has become the main feature of this blog.

Initially, I was uploading the songs in rapidshare, and there were lot of complaints from my readers, writing to me, that it is very difficult to download, and it was not allowing readers to download the songs easily, thereby the readers could not download more than one or two songs a day. Rapidshare was also deleting the songs if they are not downloaded within 90 days. With the difficulty in downloading and also because of the deletion of songs, out of the 2000 and odd songs uploaded by me got deleted and now only about 82 songs remain there, even though 2571 downloads, had happened.

Then I also tried imeem where it can direcly heard, without downloading, to prevent the difficulties of downloading. Even though, with 396 songs, it is being used by many and 5281 times the songs were heard. But readers were expressing their difficulty in downloading the songs in which they are interested, from this site. Interestingly the top five songs under this site are as follows:

5.Varnam - Viriboni -Bhairavi124 hits

Then I started to upload in mediafire , which was very easy to upload and everybody found it is also easy to download, without any restrictions. 1657 files uploaded so far, and total download served as on date is 50,403. An average of 600 downloads are happening now a days.
I am happy, that many, who are in far away places, who could not have access to these songs, because of many handicaps, could enjoy this divine music, and I want to mainly share this music with younger generations.

If you find that somebody is interested in this music, please tell him/her about this blog, so that they, particularly youngsters can develop interest to this music.

I am happy it is being viewed in 43 countries and 290 cities


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Iam regular visitor of your blog,thanks for nice uploads.
please add some more carnatic music raagaas in your blog.


hvaidya said...

I am doing it in alphabetical order. Please be on the look out for some more raagas

intelligentwins said...

Dear sir, thanks a lot for ur valuable comments in my blog ( very rarely do i see ppl taking the pain of appreciating someone! thank you. And i must say you are doing a great job thru ur blog! i was simply filled with joy to see all those krithis of ragam bhairavi at one single place...and all of them are constanly in my playlist! im also one in the list of your eager readers and benefitors of your blog. one last note! i feel you are the one who is more enthusiastic than me even though you r elder to me cos ur blog speaks of ur enthusiasm towards music and the world.:)


viswanathan said...

Iam regular visitor of your blog,thanks for nice uploads.
please add some more carnatic music raagaas ANDUPANYASAMS UDAYALIUR GANAPAPATHY THUARAM MAHARAJ VITTALDASS OS SUNDAR in your blog.

Manika Umaskanth said...

Dear Sir

Anbu Nmaskaram !

I am a frequent vistor to your blog. There is enough info to make anyone a Phd and beautiful carnatic music that will melt listeners hearts.
Thank you for your effort which is very much appreciated.

May God bless you and your family.


Hemalatha said...

I found your blog in mid-july '10 and since then I tell a min. of 1 person a day about how wonderful the blog is !!!!!
All our Best Wishes to You and your family Sir.

raghu said...

I opened your blog "some interesting facts about my blog".
When I click on any of the five songs listed therein, instead of playing the song, I am taken to a somewhat weird site: "". Can you please guide me how I can play the songs?