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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Concert No 14 - T. M. Krishna - 27th Dec 08

R. K. Shriramkumar - Violin K. Arun Prakash - Mridangam B. S. Purushothaman - Kanjira

The much discussed Raagam Thanam (Pallavi) Varnam is available here.

Please click to this LINK to read interesting mails discussing in "" on this issue. You will not regret. I enjoyed both the concert as well as this discussion

Download 01 Indhaparaka - Naadhanaamakriya.mp3
Download 02 Karunayelagante - Varaali.mp3
Download 03 Bilahari - Aalapna.mp3
Download 04 Naa jeevaadhaara -  Bilahari.mp3
Download 05 Mangaladevadha - Margasdesi.mp3
Download 06 RTP - Bhairavi - Aalapana.mp3
Download 07 RTP aalapana- Violin.mp3
Download 08 RTP - Bhairavi - Thaanam.mp3
Download 09 RTP - Bhairavi - Pallavi.mp3
Download 10 RTP - Thani.mp3
Download 11 Idhudhaano thillai.mp3
Download 12 Karpooram naarumo.mp3
Download 13 Maadhava maamava.mp3
Download 14 Mangalam.mp3


Rajeev said...

Hi.. wnderful upload. If you would do have and decide to upload the concert of Sanjay with the Darbari Kannada RTP.. I would be very happy..
thanks a lot for this RT(v) as well.. thanks,

Sujay S said...

is the upload of Najeevadhaara (not the alapana, but No 4) working??

hvaidya said...

Yes. It is working. You click the link and instead of going for "Save the file as" try play through your music media and if it plays you can download it. I tested it, it is playing and down loadable. Thanks for your interest. As many as 60 persons have down loaded this and still under downloading.

Rama said...

Thank you very much for this concert. The concert alongwith the discussion made a great combo.

Ramesh Rangan said...

Thank you so much for the much awaited upload. Very interesting to listen to the Bhairavi Varnam.

Aditya.R said...

Thanks very much for the uploads. The Bhairavi RTP was just too good.

Ramesh Raj said...

Sir, will you be recording tmk's concerts this season?

I beg you to please upload at least 3-4...because being from overseas this is our only chance to listen...i will even pay you to do this for me. Please respond to this sir.

hvaidya said...

Dear Ramesh Raj,

I will. I am not doing this for money. I am sharing my assets, with persons like you who are deprived of. On the other hand, I am spending money by paying to mediafire to keep the files alive.

Please be on the look out.

Shankar said...

Mr. Vaidya, I am also like ramesh raj. I am unable to travel to chennai to listen to the concerts. If you are able to upload some tmk concerts i am willing to donate to your blog. Music is what keeps me going, unfortunately family circumstances have kept me away from the season for a couple of years now and concerts such as this definitely make my week better. I sincerely hope you are able to attend some tm krishna concerts.
Please do respond to this is if time permits.