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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Concert No 25 - Dr. Pantula Rama - 31st Dec 08

Fifteen minutes of the beginning of the concert is not available here. Readers please excuse me for this omission. Still it is an entertaining concert
  1. Hiranmayim (Aalapana)- Lalitha
  2. Hiranmayim - Lalitha
  3. Vararaagalalayaa - Chenchu kamboji
  4. Azhagaa azhagaa(Aalapna) - Sudhdha dhanyaasi
  5. Azhagaa azhagaa - Sudhdha dhanyaasi
  6. Theliyaleru raamaa - Dhenuka
  7. RTP (Aalaapana) - Kalyaani
  8. RTP (Violin) - Kalyaani
  9. RTP (Thaanam) - Kalyaani
  10. RTP (Pallavi) - Kalyaani
  11. Thani
  12. Padham
  13. Thillaanaa


Rajeev Siddhan said...

thanks a lot Sir. I absolutely love her style of singing..

Anonymous said...

3.Vararaagalalayaa - Chenchu kamboji
unable to download this file. Please reupload. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Oh! Lovely concert! I enjoyed every bit of the AzhagAna AzhagA kRti and the awesome cascade of svarAs that followed it. The kalyANi AlApana is brilliant! Oh! Thanks a lot to the artists and you Sir for posting it!


hvaidya said...

Chenchukamboji is downloadable. Even at this moment it is being downloaded. Please try it again. If you still feel any difficulty, please let me know. I will try to help you.

Vaishu said...

I'm unable to download any of the files at the moment! Is there any way you could help? I really would like to download Teliyaleru Rama. Do you have any other concerts of Dr. Pantula Rama?

This is the Error I am receiving:

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