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Friday, April 17, 2009

Concert No 24 - R. Suryaprakash - 21st Dec. 07

I have seen Ms. Usha Uthup was telling about Carnatic Music in a TV programme," I do not know much about this music. But, when it is touching my heart, when I hear it, I can certainly say it is good." I also think, that is most imporatant, whether it is accepted by purists or not. This concert touched every body's heart, who attended it. It was at Parthasarathy Sabha and this review in "The Hindu" substantiates my statement. Here is the link for the same.

The accompanists: Shri. M.A. Sundareswaran (Violin), Shri. Thiruvarur Bhakthavathsalam ( Mridhangam) and Sri. Srirangam Kannan (Morsing)

  1. Swaaminatha paripaalaya - Naattai
  2. Paridhaana (aalaapana) - Bilahari
  3. Paridhaanamichide - Bilahari
  4. Thirumurai man maarbaa - Chakravaagam
  5. Intha sowkyamu (Aalaapana)- Kaapi
  6. Intha sowkyamu(Violin) - Kaapi
  7. Intha sowkyamu - Kaapi
  8. Thani and Part of krithi
  9. Oru naall - Kamaass
  10. Viruththam fwd by Indru varuvaano
  11. English note
  12. Ninaikkaadha neramillai - Bhageshree


Anonymous said...

Can you identify the violinist and accompanists? The violinist has done a great job.

hvaidya said...

I am sorry. I failed to note the accompanying artists. I vaguely remember, It was one of the members of Anatharaman family. However, I am not sure. Sorry for not noting down those details.

vidya said...

Beautiful concert , the kApi is just flowing with torrents of manodharmam.
Very strong voice that touches all octaves

Anonymous said...

Violin - ma sundareswaran
mridangam - thriruvarur bhaktavatsalam
morsing - srirangam kannan

Anonymous said...

Wonderful concert especially the kaapi is fine presentation. I love KVN sir's kaaapi but this is very close or even better

- Abhirami

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to repost the links? I believe the links are expired and I would like to hear my guru's Kapi. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to repost these links? They do not seem to work, and the link says they were removed by the user. Shri Suryaprakash is my guru and I would love to hear this concert of his. Thank you very much!