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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Concert No 22 - Gayathri Venkatraghavan - 24th Dec 07

Some body in the concert said, " If at all anybody, who can make us forget M.S. it may be this lady". May be a bit exaggerated, but some of the moments made me to think of M.S. That is true. Time alone will tell. Enjoy this concert.

  1. Aanandha natana prakasam - Kedhaaram
  2. Naaradha muni - Panthuvaraali
  3. Janani ninnuvina - Reethigowla
  4. Chdhambaram ena - Kalyaani
  5. Upachaaramulani(Aalaapanaa) - Bhairavi
  6. Upachaaramulai(Violin) - Bhairavi
  7. Upachaaramulani - Bhairavi
  8. Thani
  9. Ninnu vina - Navarasakannada
  10. RTP -(Raagam & Thaanam) - Gowrimanohari
  11. RTP -(Pallavi) - Gowrimanohari
  12. Vittala chala - Bhajan
  13. Bhavayaami gopaala - Yamankalyaani
  14. aadum chidhambaramo - Behaag
  15. Thillaanaa - Vasantha
  16. Mangalam


rk said...

Namaskarams to Hariharan Sir.

My name: Ram Kesavan

My e-mail is


I am unable to send you an e-mail.
If you read this please send a test e-mail to me. One day I will like to meet you in person. December music season brings me to Chennai and hope to run into you.
Your Chennai contact info will help.

You have touched me with your service to humanity and your personal story and all the lovely pictures and stories and tidbits and pictures and of course, Music and much more,,,,,,,

Gayatri Venkat concert, Number 22
may be a superb one if you can consider reposting (high volume seems to distort the music quality).
Compared to a Suryaprakash concert (with the English note) with lower volume but high clarity.

I am not knowledgeable to understand the reasons behind the noise (for instance Dec 18 2008 Aruna Sairam concert sound quality is better than Gayatri V (concert 22) but not as superb as Suryaprakash. I apologize if I
am out of line in asking this, because this is a free service and I have not earned the rights to
ask the question.
I reamin thankful for your service and hope I can touch as many people as you are ably doing today.

Respectfully yours

hvaidya said...

Thanks for your kind words and nice suggestions Mr. Ram kesavan,
My e mail id is. The difference in sound is due to the auditorium where in the concert is held and also depending upon the sound system provided by organisers on that day. I am trying to keep the sound in the maximum possible since many were complaining that when they download and hear, the volume is very poor. So I provide the best volume possible and rasikas can adjust their volumes according to their requirements. All the media players have provisions to adjust the sound and did you try them.

However, the points raised by you will be taken care of in the future and I will try to do my best with my limited knowledge in computer.