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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Utsava Sampradaya krithis - Lecture demonstration - R. Vedavalli

The Utsava Sampradaya Krithi songs are usually associated with rituals or offerings to the Almighty. Twenty-Seven in number, these songs stand out for their lyricism and simplicity, which enable even devotees with lesser or no knowledge of music to sing in choric unison.

  1. Invocation and introduction
  2. Sanskritslokam - Yadukulakambodhi
  3. Hecharika - Yadukulakambodhi
  4. Introduction
  5. Pavanaja - Kurinji
  6. Introduction
  7. Koluviyunnade - Devagaandhaari
  8. Introduction
  9. Nagumomu - Madhyamavathi
  10. Introduction
  11. Naa paali shri raama - Navroj
  12. Introduction
  13. Jayamangalam - Naadanaamakriyaa
  14. Introduction
  15. Pathiki haarathi - Surutti
  16. Pathiki mangala - Aarabhi
  17. Introduction
  18. Shobane - Panthuvaraali
  19. Introduction
  20. Ksheera saagara - Aanandhabairavi
  21. Introduction
  22. Aaragimpave - Thodi
  23. Introduction
  24. Vidamuseyave - Karaharapriya
  25. Introduction
  26. Laali laalayaani - Vedgoshapriya
  27. Introduction
  28. Laali yugave - Neelaambari
  29. Introduction
  30. Laali gunashaali - Kedhaaragowla
  31. Introduction
  32. Raama sriraama laali - Sankarabaranam
  33. Introduction
  34. Badalikaadhira - Reethigowlai
  35. Introduction
  36. Sri raama raama - Neelaambari
  37. Introduction
  38. Jo jo raama - Reethigowlai
  39. Introduction
  40. Melukovayya - Bowli
  41. Introduction
  42. Meluko dhayanidhe - Sourashtram
  43. Introduction
  44. Jaya mangalam - Ghanta
  45. Mangalam


Sridar said...

You are lucky to be able to listen to this.
We are luckier still to have someone like you who shares it.

g s

shyamala said...

KarunaN has always been a non-believer - not surprising that he thinks himself to be "brilliant" either - he is great at Tamil but that's all, I think.

shyamala said...

Talking of Utsava songs -- would you have access to any of the brilliant spiritual singing of krithis by Udayalur Kalyanaraman - his videos are on youtube - including Divyanama Radha Kalyanam utsavam (many parts)conducted at Alangudi, near Kumbakonam - Udayalur is unique, humble and just top notch.

Venkat said...

Aneka koti namaskaarams to you sir. This is a godsend for people like us who do not have access to programs like this.

R.V.Rao said...

When i was young [1959] my father bought a large valve radio and we used to listen the program' Bhakthi Ranjani" on AIR Vijayawada. We listened to among other bakthi socked group singig, these Uthsava Sampradaa Kritis too.My mother used to tell us the meaning of these songs. You have give me the opportunities to recollect those beautiful days.
God bless you for this service of uloading these gems

rsmuralidhara said...

Many thanks for the yeoman service you have rendered through these downloads.

Anonymous said...


Can you please reupload:
#8 Introduction and
#20 Ksheera saagara - Aanandhabairavi
the files are invalid. Thank you

laxmi said...

Thank you so much for uploading this lecdem. A couple of links are not working. Please upload them if you can.
#8 Intro for nagumOmu
#11 nApAli
#15 pathiiki
#20 kshEra sAgara
#27 Into to lAli yUgave


Unknown said...

It is indeed a very valuable work!
May I request you to re-upload item numbers 8, 11, 15, 20 22 and 42 once again for everybody's benefit?
Thanks a lot in advance.
- Sincerely,
Sadashiva Bhat

Sumana said...


Very good collection, but I am not able to open any of them. It says invalid or deleted file. Have they been removed? Not sure what I am missing here.

Many thanks,