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Monday, August 24, 2009

Concert No 49 - Ravikiran - Chithraveena

  1. Varnam - Durbaar
  2. Gajaananayudham - Vedhavaahini
  3. Padmavathi ramanam - Poorvikalyaani
  4. Raghuveera ranadheera - Hussaini
  5. Paramapurusha - Vasantha
  6. Baalasarasa murali - Keeravani
  7. Entha muddho - Bindumalini
  8. RTP - Shanmugapriyaa
  9. Jaawali - Behaag
  10. Thillaanaa
  11. Mangalam


Vijayagopal said...

Sir, The RTP is in Shanmukhapriya and not Sankarabharanam.
Ravikiran even jocularly says people are free to keep their cell phones on but tune them to Shanmukhapriya.

hvaidya said...

Thank you Mr. Vijayagopal for pointing out the error in typing. I have corrected the same. Please be on the alert to correct the mistakes as and when it happens and be in touch.