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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Concert No 51 - Sikkil Gurucharan - 2

  1. Varnam - Bhairavi
  2. Giriraaja sudha - Bangla
  3. Seshachalanaayagam - Varaali
  4. Mani noopuradhari - Neelaambari
  5. Panipathisayi
  6. Dhinamani vamsa - Harikaambodhi
  7. Guruvaayoorappane - Reethigowla
  8. Aalaapanai - Kalyaani
  9. Eathaavunaaraa - Kalyaani
  10. Raadha samedha - Misra yaman
  11. sha pashyat kousalyaa - Jonpuri
  12. Thillaanaa
  13. Mangalam


Nisha said...

dear sir, i have enjoyed many of your postings. can u pls post concerts of nithyasree mahadevan and priya sisters as i happen to be a big fan of theirs???? thanks in advance and hats off to you for posting these many concerts for the benefit of the rasikas.

Sridar said...


Thanks for posting the complete concert and sharing your collection.


Srinivas said...

Dear mama,
Can you please upload some instrumental concerts of Veenai Smt.Jayanthi Kumaresh and Violin concerts of Sri MSG? Can you please upload some concerts if you have recordings?

hvaidya said...

I will fulfill all your demands in course of time. Please wait patiently and be on the look out. Meanwhile, enjoy the postings already done. Veena of E. Gayathri, Chittibabu and Emani Sankarasastry are already available. Lalgudi ( 241 krithis), L. subramanian, and Balamurali's Viola are also already available.
Your comments are inspiration to me to work more number of hours on my Laptop

Latha said...

Hi Mama,

Thanks for the upload of Sikkil's Concert. Just a small correction. Song number 11. is not Tapasya Kousalyaa but SHA PASHYAT KOUSALYAA VISHNUM. It is by Panchapakesha Iyer. was sung many times by Semmangudi. it is in Raga Jonpuri.

Thanks & Regards,

hvaidya said...

Thanks a lot Latha, I have corrected the same. Please keep posting your comments and guide me wherever I am confused or committed mistakes.