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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Timing ! How important?

Excerpted from Nature’s Inspiration

“Patience, persistence and timing reap rewards.” Margaret Woods

In the mid-seventies, I began traveling to the southwestern parts of Alaska to photograph the coastal grizzly, or Brown Bear as it is referred to in the North. The falls along the Brooks River were becoming popular as a gathering place for bears because salmon pooled there as they made their leap upstream during migration periods. In early July, the river is running full and swift. The bears position themselves on top of the falls in a current that would sweep away the strongest human, but a large bear can weigh 1500 pounds and stand nine feet tall. The mouth is fixed and the stand is made. Salmon jump to the right, to the left, and eventually right up the center. Seldom does the bear lose his catch, allowing him to gain up to 300 pounds in the summer.

Everything in his pursuit is dependent upon a single factor: timing, as are the important pursuits in all of our lives.

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