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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Concert No 57 - M.D. Ramanathan

The sickness of coming and going as they like during the concert, walking out when Thani starts, and rushing out as soon as the Mangalam starts, is not new to Chennai audience, from the request made by this artist in 1979

  1. Sruthi & Tuning
  2. Kalyaani
  3. Vanajaakshi - Kalyaani
  4. Kedhaaram
  5. Thiyagaraja - Kedharam
  6. Neevaada negaana - Saarangaa
  7. Nata
  8. Jagadhaananda - Nata
  9. Hariharaputhram - Vasantha
  10. Ekkaalaththilum - Yedukulakambodhi
  11. Bhairavi
  12. Thanayuni brova - Bhairavi
  13. Thani
  14. Slokam
  15. Paripaalaya - Reethigoula
  16. Thillaanaa - Behaag
  17. Mangalam (with a request not to leave)


vaidyanathan said...

when i tried to download all the songs of mdr, i cd not do so, particularly the last item 'mangalam'. even the downloaded ones serial nos. and the given in the list given r different.
cd u kindly check it up and reload it again.
thanks & regds.

hvaidya said...

I am not clear about what you have said. You first said that you could not download all the songs. Then you said that as though Mangalam alone is not working. Your mention about serial numbers are also not clear. The serial numbers in the blog and serial numbers in mediafire may not be the same but the songs will be. Please download and let me know what is wrong.

Vijayagopal said...

There are couple of corrupt files. Neevada does not download completely.
So is 10

I request you not to split small files.

The bit rate can be 128.

Kindly consider

vaidyanathan said...

thanks for ur very prompt reply. today i cd download all the songs, excepting may be this song also i will be download later in the day.

vaidyanathan said...

now, at 7.59 pm over in u.s. i am able to download song no.10 also.i should hv waited before writing e-mails to u regarding the uploads of great songs of great artistes of yester years.
i shall be very careful before writing e-mails. it is a lesson to me.
i am really sorry.

hvaidya said...

Dear Mr. Vijayagopal,

Neevaada could be completely downloaded and the entire song for more than three minutes is available. S.No.10. Ekkaalaththilum is also being downloaded, and I just now heard the entire song for more than 5 minutes. Please try again and let me know. Both these songs are downloaded by more than 34 and 30 members, respectively and it is being currently downloaded also.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir, Thank you so much for uploading old concerts. It is very difficult to get these (though not impossible) old concerts. Heartfelt thank you from all music lovers. Regards, vh

Srikanth S said...

Dear Mr. Vaidyanathan,

Thank you very much for sharing these songs. The quality of recording is excellent. There is no match for MDR. Every syllable / swara embeds the properties of Raga. Really marvelous voice and simple basic music, very soothing. The Shlokam I think starts as Yedukulakambodhi and ends as Reetigowla. Please correct if I am wrong.

The Mangalam is the best piece. I have not heard anyone singing Mangalam like MDR. Thanks again for posting them.


San Ramon, CA

Srikanth S said...

Mr. Vaidyanathan,

First of all many thanks to you for posting the wonderful recordings of MDR's live concert. The quality is excellent. There is no musician till date nor will be for another 100 years that would match him. His pure form of singing, with bhava and elaboration of Ragas is unmatched. It appears he embeds the properties of bhava, laya, emotions etc. in each syllable and each swaras. It is simply taking music to the elements. The shlokam sang in Yadukulakambodhi is excellent and I think he finishes the shlokam in Reetigowla. Correct me if I am wrong.. I have downloaded all the songs including Mangalam. Again, I have not heard anyone singing Mangalam like MDR - Madyamavathi Ragam and is very melodious.

San Ramon, CA