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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Concert No 59 - Bombay Jayashri - 12.9.09

H.N. Bhaskar - Violin, K. Arunprakash - Mrudhangam,Gopalakrishnan - Ganjira

  1. Ranganai thudhi - Chakravaagam
  2. Nindra Thirukkolam - Kalyaani
  3. Aalaapanai - Kaanada
  4. Violin
  5. Paaramugame chaalura - Kaanada
  6. Sondham verundo - Naattakurinji
  7. Aalaapanai - Dharmavathi
  8. Violin
  9. Jaanaki vallabhaaya - Dharmavathi
  10. - Surutti
  11. Violin
  12. Raama neeve - Surutti
  13. Thani
  14. Pozhudhu miga - Revathi
  15. Milthe jaa ek baar - Baageshri
  16. Dhevaki than - Raagamalikai
  17. Mangalam


Anonymous said...

7,8,9 of the Bombay jayashri concert are in Dharmavati and not simhendra madhyamam.

hvaidya said...

I have corrected. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Why should you be anonymous? If you give your mail id I can always consult you whenever I am in doubt.

ThambiVenkat said...

Dear Hari Sir,

Thanks a lot for uploading the wonderful gems of Bombay Jayshree. Some of the songs are timing out when downloading. I will check again tomorrow.


Sridar said...


Wondeful concert. Thank you for sharing this.


JOE2005 said...

Thanks for a very nice treat


Dear sir,

I am amazed to see you collections. Though I got all most 90 % of Bombay Jayashree collections ( I am a fan of BJ)unable to do like you. I don't know how many more times I have to thank you while my stay here. But one small doubt why only a little discourse ?!!! Bakthi without Gnana is useless.(upto my Knowledge). So you can add more Upanyasas. You can guide me how to bring it here. Earlier I had uploaded a lot of files with MediaFire if you permit me I can send all the links to you. Please find out a way. Thanks once again.