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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Concert No 65 - Sikkil Gurucharan -( 3) - 2008

  1. Varnam - Intha thaamasam - Kannada(6.56MB)
  2. Mahaa ganapathe - Kaanadaa(9.69MB)
  3. Srikaantha neeyada - Bhavapriya(22.16MB)
  4. Aanandha natana - Kedhaaram(10.35MB)
  5. Tharunam idhamma - Gowlipandhu(4.5.MB)
  6. Sri subramanyaaya namasthe - Kambodhi(9.38MB)
  7. Aalaapanai - Karaharapriya(27.61MB)
  8. Chakkanai raaja - Karaharapriya(45.16MB)
  9. RTP - Reethigowlai(40.54MB)
  10. Raadha samedha - Misrayaman(4.41MB)
  11. Viruththam fwd by Vishweshwaru - Sindhubairavi(8.9MB)
  12. Chelinetlu - Javali - Paras(2.79MB)
  13. Thillaana - Behaag(6.38MB)
  14. Srirama jayamangalm - Surutti(2.9MB)


Latha said...

Hi Mama,

Thanks for the Concert. The Audio of Great quality. F


Anonymous said...

Who are the accompaniments?

Sir, please provide more sanjay and tm krishna cocnerts plzzzzz...thankksss soo much for the vaast amount you have already done :)

hvaidya said...

This was a concert at USA. I do not have the details of accompanying artists. I will add it if I get. T.M. Krishna and Sanjay's concerts are in the process of uploading. Please be on the look out.

Anonymous said...

Okay...thanks soo out of india as well...ur music enriches my way in soo many ways. thank you very much sir!

Anonymous said...

happy deepavali