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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My diary - 6th September 2009

I am constantly on the look out for more Muthuswamy Dhikshitar Krithis so that, that label will have all his compositions. Members who have some audio clips other than what is available now, may please send it to me. Similarly, I am interested to get more songs to the label M.M. Dhandapani desikar also. Particularly, I will be obliged if any body have his song "Vainavan enbavan" a translation of "Vaishnavo Janatho" ,

There was a mistake in Carnatic music raagas - Andholika. The song No 10 Raaga sudha rasa by K. J. Yesudoss was also by Madurai Somasundaram and I corrected it after Mr. R. B. Subramanian has pointed out. Now this film song By K. J. Yesudoss is available for download.

I have also added two songs, one by D. K. Pattammal and other by K. R. Raamaswamy to Patriotic songs.

There were about eight songs with original numbers as 49,52, 61,62,69,70, 92 and 95 under the label of M.M. Dhandapani Desikar and were leading to wrong songs. I have now corrected them after pointed out by Mr. Nadarajan Nirmalan just day before yesterday. Those who have downloaded these songs prior to that day are requested to again download for the correct songs.

In many labels, other than "Concerts", at times I add additional files because of receipts of certain songs from many friends, and readers. Readers are requested to glance into for new additions, which I will mark in future with * to enable you to identify them.

I am getting lot of mails from many readers which are not available to everybody, to share through this blog, as per my earlier request. I will add them as and when I get time and if they are interesting and not repeatition.

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