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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wake up Mr. Chidambaram !

When America, Britain, Israel and many other countries are warning India, about the possible attacks by terrorists, in India on the eve of festive season, Mr. Karunanidhi releasesnine hard core terrorists from the prison quoting "Anna"s name. And today, Police is erecting barricades through out Coimbatore, issuing id cards to residents, Upping guard against strangers according to Times of India. It also adds funding for putting up the security barricades, would also come from local businessman and residents ( neither from Mr. Karunanidhi nor from his bankrupt Government). And the reason for all these activities according to Police commissioner Mr. P. Sivanandi " Our crime rate is not very high, but we want to make the city safe". A sudden inspiration !

Can Mr. Karunanidhi assure and personally guarantee you Mr. Chidambaram that these terrorists released last week will not indulge in any terrorist activities again or at least they will not be approached by their counter parts from Pakistan?

Would you be so calm as you are today on this issue, if the same would have been done either by Karnataka Government, or for that matter Madhyapradesh, Bihar leave aside Gujarat?

Are you compromising the safety of public, just to maintain your party's good relation with D.M.K?

While the whole north Indian English media TVs appreciating you tenure as Home Minister, with which we also agree, why did none of them questioned you about these releases? Are these terrorists are just criminals who murdered people on emotional out burst? Are they not cold blood murderers?

Please Mr. Chidambaram! We have great regard and respect for you for not having security guards, special planes, unlike your predecessor and dare enough to go to Hyderabad sports as a common spectator. But it does not mean you should be afraid of calling "spade as spade" irrespective of your leader's friendship to great(?) Kalaignar, not as a congress minister but as a Home minister of India.

Will you wake up in this case, Mr. Chidambaram?

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