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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Concert No 67 - Visakha Hari - 11th Nov 08


S S iyer said...

Dear Sir,

When and where was this non- upanyasam concert!

And can you please upload any concerts of T M Krishna that you might have.

Thank you
S S Iyer

hvaidya said...

Dear Mr. S. S. Iyer,

I have given the date of performance on the top and this concert was at P.S. High school, Chennai.

I will upload TM Krishna's 4hour concert next.

Balou said...

very much anticipating this sir, can u tell when it will be up...thank u =)

aoldeva said...

Dear & Respected Sir,

How are you?

You've not continued your blog after October 3, 2009.

I am one of the regular readers of your blog and I should acknowledge that I am a beneficiary from your blog.

With thanks,
Devarajan MK

Suresh said...

Nice concert!
Also waiting for TM Krishna's 4hour concert eagerly.

Anonymous said...

Can you please upload next concert?

Natarajan S said...

Excellent Blog sir!!!
For Ardent carnatic fans like me, ur site is a boon. Awesome collection. Through ur site, I am continuing my 10 years of Carnatic Learning, inspite of my educational commitments.


Jagatheeswaran said...

Sir, can u tell when enxt concert will be up.
I keep checking like 5 times a day...pls put us out of our misery :)
I too have learnt many things from your service :)

Hemalatha said...

Sir, It is grrrrreat!!!