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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Concert No 69 - Rajkumar Bharathi

I miss very much my mother and my elder sister, because they passed away. I can't help it. I always missed a daughter, since I had only a son. Now, "Shri" , my cousin's daughter erased it, and I am cherishing it. But, I miss Raajkumar Bharathi's concerts very much and wish/pray for the day he starts singing again.

This concert was held at San jose, USA on 10th October 1992, with H.V. Srivatsan on Violin and Anand Subramanian on Mrudhangam. Thanks a million to Mr. Sharath from Bangalore for giving me this nice concert.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Sarasee jana - Kaambodhi
  3. Sidhdhi vinaayakam - Shanmugapriya
  4. Saadhinchane - Aarabhi
  5. Aalaapanai - Dhanyaasi
  6. Violin - Dhanyaasi
  7. Meenalochana - Dhanyaasi
  8. Nannu brochuda - Shankari 
  9. Aalaapanai - Poorvikalyaani
  10. Violin
  11. Meenaakshi memudham - Poorvi kalyaani
  12. Thani
  13. RTP - Raagam - Sudhdhasaveri
  14. RTP - Violin
  15. RTP - Thaanam
  16. RTP - Pallavi - Orutharam
  17. Vellai Thaamarai - Aabheri
  18. Paarukkulle - Desh
  19. Kaliyuga - Senchurutti
  20. Chinnanchiru kiliye - Raagamaalika
  21. Thamboori meettidhava - Sindhubairavi
  22. Paripaalaya - Reethigowla
  23. Mangalam


Anonymous said...

Dear Shri Hariharan,

The audio in this concert seems to be distorted during conversion. Can you please verify if the source audio is free of disturbances.


hvaidya said...

Please check up on what bits you have downloaded. More than seventy persons downloaded each song so far and nobody has complained so far. There may be some difference in bits from my upload to your download. Please get help if necessary from somebody who knows about thissubject. If there is still problem, please let me know I will see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the trouble. There was a codec problem with my media player. After it was fixed, I am able to play the songs without any issues. Very good recording quality and a very good concert. Thanks.


sangeetha said...

08+Aalaapanai+-+Poorvikalyaani.mp3 appears to be deleted on Mediafire.
Could you pl restore the file