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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My diary - 21st October 2009

Dear Readers,

I am sorry, for the past fifteen days, I did not post anything here, since I went out of station and did not have free access to internet to my laptop. I just pushed the days, by seeing only mails, reading, seeing ICL matches and movies. I also developed fever, which forced me to be on bed for five days compulsorily. Then Deepavali came and occupied some time with friends and relatives.

I had some nice time with one of my grand daughters whom I call Siddica, whereas she claims herself as Siddika. She was so lovable and so much attached. who is also partially responsible to forget the blog.

I was receiving mails from my readers, pointing out to me, my last posting and reminding me of missing days. Thank you all very much for your compliments, love and affection, and cooperation.

Let me start again and provide you more music, information, entertainment and jokes with nice photos contributed by many of my friends.

Wish you all "all the best in the world"

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