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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cncert No 73 - Maharajpuram Viswanatha Iyer - 28th Dec 1956

Rajamanickam pillai and M. Krishna Iyengar (photo is not relevent to this concert)

  1. Evaribodhana - Aabhogi
  2. Raghuvara - Panthuvaraali
  3. Jagadhaananda - Naattai
  4. Ataanaa
  5. Ilalo prandhaarthi - Ataanaa
  6. Kamaas
  7. Seethaapathe - Kamaas
  8. Bilahari
  9. Tholijanma - Bilahari
  10. Mukhaari
  11. Ksheenamai - Mukhaari
  12. Mohanam
  13. Bhavanutha - Mohanam
  14. Saaramathi
  15. Mokshamu - Saaramathi
  16. RTP - Kaambodhi
  17. RTP - Thaanam
  18. RTP - Pallavi - Kaambodhi
  19. Neerajadhalanayana - Maand
  20. Shruthvagunam - Slokam
  21. Adhineepai - Yamankalyaani
  22. Mangalam


Anonymous said...

This is a jackpot!! Thank you so much.. Esp since all the songs are tagged with the ragam names!!!

vaidyanathan said...

regret that i am not able to download maharajapuram viswanatha iyer's recital - to 17. 18 to 22 hv been downloaded and enjoyed his kutcheri's later part.
cd u kindly look into it and ensure the download of to 17 at the earliest.
thanks & regards.

hvaidya said...

Dear Mr. Vaidyanathan,

All of them are available and down loadable. Even at this moment somebody or other are downloading them. Perhaps, when you tried it, there might have been server problem. Please try again. If you still have any problem, please let me know.

Please see the previous comment

Sridar said...

Old is Gold !

Thank you for sharing this wonderful concert.