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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Concert No 71 - Madurai Somu (sundaram)

  1. Varnam - Kalyaani - Vanajaakshi
  2. Mahaganapathim paavaye - Gopikathilakam
  3. Seethapathe naa - Kamaas
  4. Bhajana chesithi - Dhanyaasi
  5. Vandhe shantham - Naataikurinji
  6. Krupaju chutaku - Chaayatharangini
  7. Kaangeya - Shanmugapriya - Aalaapanai
  8. Kaangeya - Violin
  9. Kaangeya - Shanmugapriya
  10. Nenendu - Karnatakabehaag
  11. Chinna naadena - Kalaanidhi
  12. RTP - Amrithavarshini
  13. Parameshwaram - Maand*
  14. Naalai endroru - Sindhubairavi
  15. Orumurai enakkena
  16. Thiruppugazh
* Incomplete. I will search the files for full song and upload subsequently. Please do not download this song


Harisankar said...

Hi Mr Hariharan,

Do you know

1) Which is the song by Madurai Somasundaram which describes the alankaram of Meenakshi amman?

2) Do you know if it is Madurai Mani Iyer who sang it?

If you have the song, could you please share that?

Harisankar Krishna Swamy

hvaidya said...

Dear Mr. Harishankar,

Since I am out of station, I will search in my library as soon as I reach Chennai, and will let you know.

Harisankar said...

Thank you Mr. Hariharan.