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Monday, January 4, 2010

Concert No 79 - Sanjay Subramanian

  1. Varnam - Kaambodhi 
  2. Sivalooka - Maayamaalavagowlai 
  3. Aabhogi - Aallapanai  
  4. Aabhogi - Violin 
  5. Sri Laksmi - Aabhogi  
  6. Jothiswaroopini - Aalaapanai 
  7. Jothiswaroopini - Violin  
  8. Gaanaamudha baanam - Jothiswaroopini 
  9. Yadukula kambodhi- Aalaapanai 
  10. Yadukula kambodhi - Violin 
  11. Dhayai chai raama - Yadukula kambodhi
  12. Thani 
  13. .......udupi krishna - Behaag 
  14. Engum niraindhirukkum - Kurinji 
  15. Raamanai bajiththaal - Maand 
  16. Mangalam


Anonymous said...

Thank you very very much :)
Love the Sanjay and TM Krishna concerts very much:) thanks :)

When was this held? Do you know who the accompanying artistes are?

Really hope you can share with us some 09 season concerts.

One samll correction...the main is not is yadukula kamboji.

Thanks for this wonderful service to music lovers.

hvaidya said...

Thanks for pointing out the error. I have made the corrections.

Anonymous said...

Sir any chance of 09 season concerts?