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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jyothi Basu no more

" If somebody is not a communist until 30, there is something wrong with him. If he continued to be a communist even after 30, there is certainly some thing basically wrong with him" This is what Rajaji told once. This was 100% applied in my life. I was a staunch communist and active member of trade union movement in Bank. After 35, I could not relish communism, and my thoughts were changed and I believe, if  a society has to be improved, individuals should improve themselves first. For this communism will not be of any use. In spite of Jyothi Basu being the Chief Minister for 23 years, which is a record, West Bengal is slowly going away from communism. The basic instinct in man, for his self improvement in all aspects including his financial position, will make no man a perfect communist.

Me with Jyothi Basu at my son's wedding reception

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prajyot said...

indeed its a sad thing that he passed away..!!