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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

T. Chowdiah

  1. Varnam - Sankarabaranam  
  2. Vaathaapi - Hamsadhwani 
  3. Naadhopaasana - Begadaa 
  4. Jesinathella - Thodi  
  5. Raghuvamsa - Kadhanakudhoogalam 
  6. Chakkani Raaja - Karaharapriya 
  7. Thani


Anonymous said...

Sir I think with the passing of veena widwan trivandrum venkatraman it would be appropriate to put up a concert of his up as a tribute and to celebrate his music.

Anonymous said...

Was Shri Chowdiah using 7 strings in his violin?

Ayalurv said...

Many thanks. This blog is very rich and meaningful and offer a good variety.