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Friday, February 19, 2010

Concert - Pantula rama

M.S.N. Murthy - Violin, Namani Somayajulu - Mrudhangam, Shyamkumar - Ganjeera

  1. Saami niine kori - Sri 
  2. Eka dhantam - Bilahari 
  3. Ennadu choodanu - Kalavathi  
  4. Ninnada nela - Kannada  
  5. Raagam - Yadukulakambodhi  
  6. Hechariga raaraa - Yadukulakambodhi 
  7. Vara naaradha - Vijayashri  
  8. Raagam - Aabheri 
  9. Bhaja re - Aabheri  
  10. Raagam & Thaanam - Kalyaani 
  11. Pankaja lochana  
  12. Chinnanchiru kiliye - Raagamaalika 
  13. Thillaana fwd by Mangalam


Anonymous said...

any tm krishna coming up?

Inca said...

Hello Sir - Do you have "Ramasami thoodhan naanada adada Raavana" song? I think it is from the film Sampoorna Ramayanam. Thank you.

Unknown said...

what do you mean?

hvaidya said...

Ms. Revathi,

To whom this question is posed and about what?

hvaidya said...

Dear Inca,

I do not have the song Raamasamy dhoodhan. If I get it I will certainly inform you

nisha said...

the song that is being referred to here is jagam pugazhum punya kadhai and in tamil the movie's name is lava kusa. you can find the song at thank you....

Vaishu said...


Do you by any chance have other concerts of Dr. Pantula Rama? I am currently learning from her student and it would be great if you could share any other concerts of hers that you have! I am specifically looking for Mamava Sada Janani (Kanada) sung by her as well.