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Friday, February 26, 2010

Concert - M. D. Ramanathan - 2

  1. Varnam - Sri  
  2. Vaathapi Ganapathim - Hamsadhwani 
  3. Budham aashrayaami - Naattaikurinji 
  4. Vara naaradha - Vijaysri  
  5. Parama paavana - Poorvikalyaani  
  6. Patheetha paavani - Janaranjani 
  7. Elaavathaara - Mukhaari  
  8. Manasu vishaya - Naattaikurinji 
  9. Saamaja varagamanaa - Hindholam  
  10. Thulsi bilava - Kedhaaragowla  
  11. Raaghava dhaya - Bhaageshri 
  12. Paripaalaya - Reethigowla 
  13. Kshemam - Mohanam 
  14. Jalajaaksha - Kaanadaa 
  15. Mangalam


BHASKARAN19 said...

WOW, Thanks so much, one of my favourite singer the Great MDR, but little disappointed my Harium Haranum Onre" song is missing.

Trust you will include. REgards

Anonymous said...

Thanks for M.D.Ramanathan's concert .He is one my favourite and i have always felt that he was not recognised for the excellent music .

Anonymous said...

11. sagara sayana vibho - his own composition


Anonymous said...

6 Pada Yugamu-JanaRanjani-MDR's composition


Acharya said...

Beloved HARIHARji, the space allotted to such an awesome singer like MDR is, I think, somewhat inadequate. I'd like to suggest you to manage our site so as to incorporate more MDR legends.

Anand said...

Beloved HARIHARANji, I think the space you've allotted to the great MDR is inadequate. Kindly manage to incorporate more of MDR legends. Anandaraj.G