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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great Management gurus of Nature

Message from Ants.....                                                            
      Earn First. Spend Later..                                                              
        Invest First. Consume Later.                                                          
Simplicity is the most precious asset that one should own.

When any irritation gets into oyster it uses the same irritations to create a Pearl.
Message from Oyster......

"Create a pearl every time you face adversities"

Eagle has a life of 60 years.
However after 30 years ,
it cannot fly and catch food .
So it breaks its own beak and wings .
New beak and wings grow in a few months.
The eagle can then fly and catch food ..
The eagle sacrifices for a better tomorrow!

Message from Eagle …..
Upgrade your knowledge, skills and abilities continuously.

Trees teach us Patience, Growth and Selfless Service.
Trees begin as a small seeds and grow in stages.
The higher it grows; the more it needs to spread its roots deeper.
To grow as an individual, family or an organization we need to spread our roots deeply.
Trees also spread branches.
Message from Trees …..
We should spread in various dimensions like personal, professional, social and spiritual lives. 

Received from Balayogi

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