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Friday, April 16, 2010

Concert - Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna

Since 100 is always  a landmark, I was thinking which should be my 100th concert in this blog. I love Balamuralikrishna and his music. Had I posted some old stalwarts the younger generation may not like it very much. Had I posted the current popular artists the hard core carnatic rasikas may not relish it. This one, I was sure everybody will love. Hence, it is here. Please enjoy.

  1. Sakara sadhguna - Sourashtram  
  2. Saadhinchane - Aarabhi  
  3. Gaanasudharshini - Raagavardhini 
  4. Baala gopaala - Bhairavi 
  5. Chaalu chaalu - Saaveri 
  6. Evari maatta - Kaambodhi 
  7. RTP - Hindholam  
  8. Enumaadhidherunu - Hindholam 
  9. Ninnukorina - Kamaas  
  10. Krishnenabarade - Kedhaaram 
  11. Yamihe - Ashtapathi  
  12. Thillaanaa - Gadibedapriyaa  
  13. Nagumomu - Madhyamavathi  
  14. Mangalam


Venkat said...

Vintage BMK! Thank you. Good quality recording too.


buddy said...

thanks for sharing all these concerts and songs.

love this blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks nice....we would like to see the popular of todays generation too please i.e. sudha raghunathan, tm krishna, sanjay subrahmanuan :)

Sreenivasa said...

Dear Sir,

Unable to connect to the files. Could you please check and advice.

Kind Regards,