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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Concert - Radha Jayalakshmi

  1. Sri Mahaaganapathi  
  2. Sugunamule  
  3. Manasuloni  
  4. Dhaarini  
  5. Shanmugapriya (Aalapanaa) 
  6. Paridhapamu 
  7. Thani  
  8. Sarasijanaabha  
  9. Dhayachujuda  
  10. Santhaanaramaswami 
  11. Slokam  
  12. Jaavali - Kaapi  
  13. Thavalaroopa 
  14. Kandhaa vandharul 
  15. Mangalam

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Radha & Jayalakshmy were and always will be well-respected musicians upholding the GNB banner. Sad they didn't make it as big as others in the field. Always love to hear their endearing renditions...