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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you know ?

Kiran Bedi, India's first woman Super-cop has started a website that enables the common man to get the Police to "act" positively. Please read contents of the site below and share the infrormation with others so that we all contribute to making India safer for one and all!!


 This is very important information about a web site called as
     This is a site of an NGO started by Ms Kiran Bedi  you can go to
 this site an log your complaint regarding any crime if the police at your 
place is not accepting your complaint. Then this NGO will mail your complaint to
 the DGP of your area. You can also use this mail as the legal document  
in case of filing a case in the court of judgment.
     This is to be noted that this site is directly administered by 
Ms Kiran Bedi  so all your mails directly goes to her.

Friends, Please spread this information in your network so that any one in 
such need can go to this site and launch his/her complaint .

There is another provision in case the police does not lodge a FIR ....I got a complaint registered with the police requesting them to file  a FIR. after waiting for a week, when they did not do so , I filed an application under the RTI seeking information about the reason for not lodging a FIR, the person responsible for dereliction of duties and the action taken by the police against him...... Knocking came a cop at my doorstep requesting me to come to the police station and collect the FIR.....

contributed by Bhaskaran Sivaraman

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