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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is it true that they don't have sixth sense?

Mr. Sivaraman T. Mhadevan said "Check out this amazing video showing that animals like our domestic cows have a very high level of intelligence,comparable to humans,when it comes to a question of their survival." and sent this video link. please see and admire.

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Harisankar said...

i think it is basically watching and learning.

apart from that, even cats have survival techniques too. during school days, i cornered a cat on the terrace. it had nowhere to go. it looked out the terrace and decided on a split second on the possibilities and jumped on a banana tree (vazhai) and slided down. great na? how did it know it just had to cling on and leave the rest to gravity. maybe Newton on rebirth...from then on more respect for cats..hehehe