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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Navagraha gaayathri

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Navagraha Homam

This homam is done to worship the nine planets i.e. The Sun, The Moon, The Mars, The Mercury, The Jupiter, The Venus, The Saturn, The Rahu, and The Ketu. Every planet has its own importance.

Sun is the king of planets, which gives health. Moon is the planet, which rules over mind and gives success. Mars is the planet, which gives prosperity and wealth. Mercury is the planet which gives knowledge, Jupiter gives education, Venus gives the knowledge of art, music etc. Saturn gives happiness. Rahu makes the life stronger. Ketu prospers the family. All these nine planets are important, so in order to worship them this homam is done.

Bad times are attributed to the different Grahas (Planets) and their position in the current time. These Grahas can be appeased by performing the Grah shanti Puja. Navagraha homam is used to remove Doshas or reduce the effect by appeasing these planets. The navagraha plays a vital role in deciding ones day to day activities. If 4 or more of the planets are not well placed in ones natal chart, navagraha homam should be performed.It is also performed if Rahu(Ascending node) and Ketu(Descending node) are afflicted.
Navagraha homam is performed if one has kalathra dosha or kala sarpha dosha.The dosha should be nullified in the natal chart to see improvements in marital life and career.

The Nine "Grahas" or Planets in our horoscope control our karma, our desires and their outcomes. Each of these nine planets exerts an influence in our lives, which is called "dasa" and it can be known from one's horoscope. Navagraha Pooja is undertaken to reduce the negative effects and improve the positive energies related to a person. Navgraha Homam is an extremely useful & beneficial Homam, since it's worship strengthens benefic planets & increases their positive influence and pacifies malefic planets & neutralizes their negative effect. Navgraha Homam is recommended for all, particularly those planets are detrimental or malefic as per horoscope. Navgraha Homam shall be performed every year to ensure that you always get maximum advantage from your planets. The planets are to propitiate against their evil influences, to ward off them, the Navgraha Homam is done with faith to ward off all evils of planetary configuration.

Customized Homam
The Homam to be performed depends on the type of problems & the individual's Birth Chart, usually a Pundit is consulted for advice on the type of homams that are to be conducted. If you have any doubts please ask to our Pundits. A detailed analysis of your Horoscope chart, by our Pundits would suggest you the most suitable remedies or if to conduct special poojas for specific problems at specific temples, that would help you over come your problems and to obtain evident good results with the Power of Cosmic Energy.
How Can I Get This Homam Performed?
By analyzing your horoscope, our experienced Pundits can identify the reason for the problems and the ways to nullify the problems. Based on your Birth Chart and on the instructions given by our Pundit, selective Homams are performed by Our Experienced Priests. Our Priests has vast experience in the field of performing Homams & Poojas. They have sound knowledge on the various aspects of performing homams. The main aim of performing the Homams is to enrich positive energy of the ruling planets and to nullify the negative elements shown in the birth chart. It is also a form of remedial measure which has been followed from the ancient times. Homams and poojas performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni - the God of fire. It is said that when Lord Brahma (the creator among the Trinity) created man, he also created "Homam" for man's livelihood and his attainment of spiritual desires.

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Dear Sir, As usual, it is "Ask One and Get Two" ! Thanks a lot. Regards.
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Hemalatha said...

Dear Sir,
As usual, it is "Ask One and Get Two" ! Thanks a lot. Regards.