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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Concert No 220 - Lalgudi Jayaraman

  1. Sabaapathikku - Aabhogi 
  2. Aalaapanai - Sankarabaranam 
  3. Eduta Nilichite - Sankarabaranam 
  4. Karpagame - Madhyamavathi 
  5. Thiruppugazh - Hamir kalyaani
The power of kindness is immense. It is nothing less, really, than the power to change the world. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan

The power of kindness is immense. True. Very True. Every day I am compellled to watch or read many advts. on Yoga. I just remember reading an article on 'mind and matter' and the findings of Patanjali Rishi. I want to share what I was made to understand. Please bear with me.

Patanjali elaborates on how one can refine one’s mind and bring it to a thought-less condition. In the same way the Rishi also discusses about supernormal powers. A study on this can give one an understanding of the relationship between mind and matter. One’s thinking has the ability to manifest in 3-dimensional object. But, it's a matter of understanding this relationship. There is within us a consciousness which goes beyond the mind where there is a meeting point beyond mind and matter. At that point, whatever thought one has, he or she has the ability to translate it into 3-dimensional object. The whole idea is how an idea becomes an object. Plato also had this concept of an idea and object. They are one and the same. But, the idea is uni-dimensional and the object is three-dimensional. What is the relationship between the two is to be investigated. It is not simply theoretical but completely based on meditation techniques that Patanjali teaches of how one can manifest anything that one wants by going into a practice called 'Samyama'. 'Samyama' is the meditation technique which Patanjali talks about. The first thing is learn complete focus. Tie one’s mind to the object. It is called Dharana. Then, one comes to a point of Dhyana, a meditation in which one understands the essence of concentration of the object. Then, Samadhi is the technique again in which one completely take the mind off the meditation. Not only the mind off the meditation but also soul off the meditation. Then, what remains is only the object. Patanjali is very clear -- 'Artha matra'. All these three combined is called 'Samyama'. However, this is not just enough. Once one gets to that level, one needs some divine help. And the divine grace is in the form of Arul. The Arul sets in when one prepares himself or herself to that level. So, there is a human component. The human component is that one do the work first by oneself. The divine comes and assists one to take to the next step. Then, the divine helps one to manifest the object that one wants t to manifest. There is nothing that the human being cannot accomplish -- this is the teaching of Yoga. Yoga teaches that one is God. One has the ability within oneself to manifest a relationship, health, money or home or whatever you want, provided one is able to go to that realm in which one can understand the relationship between mind and matter. It is the mind that becomes matter. There are two steps to the process -- one is the human effort that is given by Patanjali and the next step is to bring the blessings or the grace of the divine. In fact the grace which is greater intelligence is located in one’s own heart and to be accessed through the path of devotion.

With warm regards