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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Concert No 224 - Raajkumar Bharathi

  1. Varnam - Ninnukori - Vasantha 
  2. Sidhdhivinaayakam - Mohanakalyaani 
  3. Thulasidhala - Maayaamaalavagowlai 
  4. Aalaapanai - Kaambodhi  
  5. Igamadano - Kaambodhi  
  6. Bantureethi - Hamsanaadham 
  7. Aalaapanai - Karaharapriya  
  8. Violin  
  9. Pakkala nilapadi - Karaharapriya 
  10. Sharanu sharanu  
  11. Aaduvome
  12. Laali govinda - Neelaambari 
  13. Thillaana - Brindhavani and Mangalam

...that how bad things may look right now means nothing.
It's how good you know they can look with God's help
that counts. 

Life has a habit of changing itself completely around in
24 hours. Heck, in 24 minutes sometimes.

Don't you dare give up on Tomorrow because of the
way things look Today. Don't even think about it...

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