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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Concert No 230 - Chembai

....that intimacy means more than sex, as you know. Tell
others that for you it is about the connection of souls.

It is the true union of two beings. It is about walking 
through all moments, both good and bad, and never
leaving the other's side.

You are intimate when you are fully with another, no
matter what. In fact, this has very little to do with that
which is physical.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan
A song and its lyric reach its totality and purpose when it pierces one’s heart and makes one numb and the same is true for a singer when such a song is rendered. But this can be relative, one may argue. Not so Sir as I can say. The feeling is not peripheral and it is inside of one wholly and the body is ballooned with the thoughts enunciated in the song. “KANNAN EN SEVAGAN” by Bharathi is beyond explanation. A few days back I heard the song “Kooli Miga Ketpar” rendered by Shri.G.Ramanathan. What a rendering. What a way the singer brings life to the words of Bharathi on becoming one with the Lord. Sir, I have been continuously disturbing you to find for me for the songs of Bharathi, “Ethhanai Kodi Inbam Vaithai” and “Varuvai Varuvai Varuvai Kanna” rendered by Smt. S. Janaki and she only. You lose yourself when you hear “Aththanai Ulagamum Vanna Kalangium” and “Ulathai Ilathai” by Smt. S. Janaki. The vibration created when you hear the two songs by Smt.S.Janaki, sorry to say, I do not find in any other singer rendering these. Please Sir, find the songs for my sake.
With warm regards