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Friday, July 22, 2011

Concert 238 - Prince Ramavarma (Veena)
this photo has no relevance to the concert below

  1. Varnam - Ninnu kori - Mohanam 
  2. Sidhdhi vinayagam - Shanmugapriya 
  3. Manaviyalakin - Nalinakanthi  
  4. Maamava - Muralirohini  
  5. Allinodalu - Nattakurinji  
  6. Bhaavaye Sarasanaabham - Keeravaani 
  7. Bhadrachala ramadas  
  8. Bhagyadhaalaxmi  
  9. English note
...that disappointment is temporary. Only your thought
it is permanent. 
Change your mind about what has disappointed you
and you will change your life. All disappointment is
just Advantage, looked at from the other side.

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