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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Concert No 261 - O.S. Arun

  1. Sri ganapathini - Sourashtram 
  2. Raamabadra raa raa - Kurinji 
  3. Ninnu nera namminanau - Kaamavardhini 
  4. Aloka thulasi - Bhairavi 
  5. Brova baarama - Bahudaari 
  6. Dasaratha raama 
  7. Raam ratan dhan payo - Bhajan 
  8. Bega baaro neela mega 
  9. Thamboori meettidava 
  10. Raadhe Radhe 
  11. Chalo man ganga yamuna 
  12. Thunga theera vijaaram 
  13. Bho shambo shiva sambo 
  14. Naale nalla naal 
  15. Ek mantra japati raho 
  16. haa raaghavaa 
  17. Mangalam
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...that it is not necessary to "prove yourself" to anyone.

Do your best. That's all you can ask of yourself. If you
did your best and things just didn't work out, you don't
owe an apology to anyone. And you certainly don't
need to feel 'bad' about it -- or, worse yet, guilty.

Stop beating yourself up. What happened is what
happened. You're not the 'villain' here, I promise. It's
just what happened. And there is a Soul Reason, I
promise you.

Blogger kvchellappa said...

ramabhadra ra ra is in Ananda bhairavi?
October 2, 2011 5:07 PM

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kvchellappa said...

ramabhadra ra ra is in Ananda bhairavi?