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Monday, January 23, 2012

Concert - D.K. Jayaraman

  1. Guru arulum - Aabhogi 
  2. Ksheera saagara saayee - Poorvikalyaani 
  3. Eppadi manam - Huseni 
  4. Thanigai valar - Thodi 
  5. Maa mayura - Bilahari 
  6. Konji konji - Kamaas 
  7. Thillaanaa 
....that being "right" has nothing to do with it.

The idea that you call "right" is the idea that someone
else calls "wrong." The solution that you call "perfect"
is the solution that another calls "unworkable." The
position that you feel is unassailable is the very
position that others assail.

What will solve all of this? Not attack, that's for sure.
And not defense, either. So what is left? Simple human
love. The kind of love that says, "It doesn't matter who
is right or wrong. It only matters that you are not hurt.
And that we both can benefit. All true benefits are mutual."

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