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Monday, March 5, 2012

Concert No 296 - S. Mahathi

Download 01-evari_bOdhanavini-Abhogi-patnam_subhramanya_iyer.mp3
Download 02-yetanaikEttAlum-bhairavi-oothukAdu_venkata_kavi.mp3
Download 03-viraivAgavE-gavAmbOdhi-koTESwara_iyer.mp3
Download 04-nenaruncinAnu_anniTiki-mALavi-tyAgarAja.mp3
Download 05-rAgam_kAmbOji.mp3
Download 06-ratna_kancuka_dhAriNi-kAmbOji-muthaiah_bAgavatar.mp3
Download 07-rAgam_tAnam_pallavai-shaNmukhapriyA.mp3
Download 08-rAgam_tAnam_pallavai-shaNmukhapriyA.mp3
Download 09-muruganin_marupeyar_azhagu-behAg.mp3
Download 10-tillAnA.mp3
Download 11-nI_nAma_rUpamulaku_nitya-saurAshtram-tyAgarAja.mp3


...that not everything has to turn out exactly the way you
planned in order for you to call it a success.

Sometimes all God wants you to do is to "get the ball
rolling." Then, She'll take it from there. So when things
turn out other than the way you wanted them to, don't
be so quick to say, "Bummer!"

Many a Bummer is a Blessing in disguise. Consider the
possibility that life is magic...and that there's a rabbit
in that hat.

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